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Texas Economic Incentive Qualification Form

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Please fill out the form entirely – an incomplete form reduces your chances of qualifying for incentive opportunities. No matter your qualifications, TAC Brokerage will guide you to the next steps.

If you are unable to disclose any information, answer the relevant question(s) with a TBD or N/A.

By submitting this form, you agree to pay TAC Brokerage a $500 fee to process & qualify this information and connect you with the correct prospect cities. This $500 is a consulting fee, and TAC Brokerage does not guarantee placement with any cities.

Incentive Moving to Texas v2

    Building Requirements

    Incentives in Texas are available at the local, state, and federal levels. Incentive agreements are developed case-by-case and are subject to specific qualification criteria, conditions, and requirements detailed within contracts. The incentives are based on the economic impact of your project on a community. Your answers to these questions allow our team to understand how to position your project for incentives properly.